Sunshine Equals Happy Campers in the BWCA

     The sun is shining today and it’s quite nice to see. We have a few tarps and tents that need drying and it’s been nearly impossible to do this past week. I’m sure the folks who are out in the Boundary Waters are just as excited to get things dried out with the help of the sun.

     It looks like we can expect to see the sun shine throughout the week and weekend. Temperatures are expected to be in the high 60’s and very little chance of rain. Looks like a wonderful weekend for a BWCA canoe trip.

     The water level has risen considerably and will be on the rise for the next week or so.  Remember the pictures of the dock from earlier this season?  Here’s a couple new photos taken yesterday and the water has already come up since then!

May 1st                                                                           May 30th

Seagull River near the BWCA  Voyageur at the end of May

Voyageur water levels in May  Voyageur Water levels