Sunny and Fifty Degrees

     That’s the kind of forecast I like to see for a weekend in November, sunny and high of fifty degrees.  Doesn’t that sound absolutely wonderful?  The blue sky looks gorgeous this morning and the kids are home from school.  The possibilities of what to do on a day like this are endless.  Should we go for a boat ride? Paddle a canoe? Take a hike in the woods? Or maybe wash the windows and do some fall cleaning?

     I can eleminate one of the options immediately.  There will be absolutely no fall cleaning done today.  There’s plenty of time to wash the walls in the dead of winter and once the plastic goes up over the windows you can’t see out of them anyways so why bother wiping off a full summers worth of grime?  I see no point in it nor do I see the point in dusting when you live on a dirt road and don’t have dust allergies.  I tell guests to leave their shoes on when they come over so they don’t wreck their socks so why bother mopping the floor?  I spray some Lysol in the air and pick up any moldy food and call it good.

     Of course these are not the standards I go by in the cabins we rent or in our bunkhouses.  It’s wipe the ceilings and walls, sweep to the corners on the floor, mop on your hands and knees, take the broom to the entire outside of the building and don’t forget to pick up any scraps of litter or cigarette butts on the ground. 

     The thing is right now there are no guests around and the forecast is for sunny skies and fifty degrees.  So if you plan to come to visit then don’t wear your Sunday best and remember to leave your shoes on.