Stormy Lake Supeior

Duluth News Tribune posted a photo of a massive wave at Brighton Beach which is just off of Highway 61 outside of Duluth, Minnesota. They also posted an awesome video of surfers enjoying those waves and it’s worth the watch.

Whoever posts on Twitter as Lake Superior has been having fun with all of the attention. On the 24th of October they tweeted, “I am very angry today.” and on the 25th they tweeted, “I achieved new heights yesterday, 28.8 feet. Bouya!”

That was in reference to the height of the wave a buoy recorded in Lake Superior near Granite Island off of Michigan’s upper peninsula. A whopping 28.8 foot wave which is a record.

While the waves provided fun for some folks they wreaked havoc around Duluth and elsewhere. In Duluth parts of the popular Lakewalk were destroyed, roads received damages, beaches were washed away and some minor flooding around the lake occurred.

We shall see what Mother Nature brings next.


A gigantic wave slams Brighton Beach in Duluth during Friday morning's storm. Bob King / News Tribune


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