Sticky Snow Won’t Stick

The good news is we received some snow, very sticky wet snow.  The trees look beautiful and everything is coated in white. The bad news is the temperature is supposed to get up into the 40’s later this week and what little snow we do have will quickly disappear.

There are some people who would like to see the snow stick around. I love summer and I love winter but I don’t love the in-between seasons time when I can’t spend time outdoors doing what I love.  The hiking trails have too much snow and/or ice on them to walk on but not enough snow to ski or snowshoe on.  While most of the lakes are frozen and you can now ice fish there isn’t enough snow to snowmobile on and the bigger lakes on the Gunflint Trail aren’t frozen solid enough yet.

Josh is ready for the ice rink in Grand Marais to be flooded but Mother Nature isn’t. Our shovels are out, we have ice scrapers in the vehicles and we’re ready for the snow to stick around. Now if someone can let Mother Nature know we’re ready that would be greatly appreciated.

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