Startling Stats from the Cavity Lake Fire


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     At Saturday morning’s briefing Safety Officer Ron Guck shared some interesting facts about the Cavity Lake Fire.  He was the Safety Officer when the fire started and is the Safety Officer again since the departure of theType I Team on August 3rd.  There have been fire crews working in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness since the fire began on July 14th.  Since this time there have only been two injuries sustained that resulted in loss of time.  This is a great accomplishment when you consider the following statistics.

  • Around 900 individuals have been involved in the Cavity Lake Fire
  • Around 400 hand crew workers have been sent in
  • One Type I Team involved(Pacific Northwest National Incident Management Team II)
  • One Type I Crew
  • 18 Type II Crews(20 members each)
  • 20 Law enforcement officials
  • 187 canoes
  • 13 motor boats
  • 12 tow boats
  • 2 pontoons
  • 17 buses
  • 72 chainsaws
  • 8 fire engines
  • 32 Total Aircraft
  • 11 Fixed wing
  • 6 Air Tankers
  • 15 helicopters
  • 50 pilots & support crew combined
  • 68 fire pumps
  • 31 miles of fire hose
  • 9 hours(The time it took to flag a trail 1 mile in and walk 1 mile back in the blowdown)
  • 150,000 hours of work = 6250 days or 17 years
  • Cost to date $9,401,349.

Having a resort and home at the end of the Gunflint Trail protected from the Cavity Lake Fire, Priceless.