Springing Ahead

     In addition to Mush for a Cure this weekend we have another event- Daylight Saving Time.  We’ll turn our clocks ahead Sunday morning and the sun will stay in the sky longer in the afternoon. I realize it doesn’t actually stay in the sky longer but due to the adjustment of the clock the sun won’t set so early.  We’ll go back to having it a little darker again in the morning but soon it will be light then too.

    I’ve never given Daylight Saving Time too much thought.  I guess each state can determine if they want to have DST or not and Arizona doesn’t recognize it.  There’s a petition to stop Daylight Saving Time. People argue that it is archaeic and that it isn’t necessary in today’s world. Some people are quite passionate about this stating how it affects their health and a number of other things.

     I’m not too concerned about Daylight Saving Time but I am looking forward to more daylight hours as summer gets closer.  Don’t forget to spring ahead this weekend!