Spring Like Conditions on the Gunflint Trail

     The sun is shining brightly this afternoon and the temperature is 47 degrees.  There is water dripping off of the roof, the deck is free of snow and there’s the tell-tale sign of spring, mud.  We call spring "mud season" on the Gunflint Trail and from the looks of my dog it’s that time now. 

     In spite of the balmy temperatures of today and predicted for Thursday and Friday I know it isn’t spring and this warm snap will not last long.  It’s just a little bit of teasing offered by Mother Nature, or perhaps she’s just giving people like me a little more time to get my outside chores done. 

    I’ll take the warm air and sunshine any day.  I’ve put away my painting supplies, John hauled away the lawnmowers and the furniture is no longer on the deck so I think we’re finally ready for winter at Voyageur.  Like they say during Hide and Seek, "Ready or Not, Here I come." says Old Man Winter with a smile.