Spring Isn’t Here Yet

     While the snowbanks along the Gunflint Trail are diminishing daily and the frost heaves threaten to throw your vehicle off of the road spring isn’t here yet.  The scent of fresh soil is not in the air and Mr. Robin has yet to appear.  

     A winter storm watch is in effect in our area and some areas could receive upwards of 8 inches of snow tomorrow.  It will be heavy, wet snow most likely following some freezing rain and regular rain along with some high winds for good measure.  It’s a good old fashioned blizzard on the way.

     Since we’ve turned the clocks ahead it’s dark outside once again when I drop the kids off at the bus stop.  It still feels like winter despite the lengthening daylight hours.  I need to get out ice fishing, I want to take Elsa on a snowmobile ride and there are ski trails I must explore.  I’m not ready to say, "Uncle." in my fight with spring and let it win.  

     Mud season is not my favorite time on the Gunflint Trail and I prefer it to be as short as possible.  Spring isn’t here yet and if I have my way, it will stay away a little longer.