Splitting Wood

When we’re out camping in the Boundary Waters gathering firewood isn’t too big of a project. It sometimes seems like it takes a pretty good pile of wood for an evening campfire but it’s nothing compared to how much wood some people need to get through the winter.

We have electric, propane and wood heat so we don’t need a ton of firewood.  Some people do all of their heating with wood and you should see their wood piles.

We split wood today with another family. We started around 9 this morning and didn’t finish until after 5pm.  We had two dads, two boys, two girls and me working the splitter and stacking firewood.  We did pause briefly for lunch but other than that we worked hard.

I’m glad we don’t heat solely with wood heat and I’m hoping this wood will last for a couple of years! The next time I’m in the BWCA I don’t think I’ll mind gathering enough wood for a campfire.

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