Sound Like Fun?

     The Boundary Waters attracts different people for different reasons. Some people like to fish, others explore and yet others like to portage. After posting on Facebook the high temperature of 90 degrees yesterday Timothy Heist commented and I just have to share it. 

"Swatting deer flies with a canoe for a hat, tasting your own sweat , blood trickling down your neck from black flies , a cold wet back when you take off your pack, and a quick dip at the end of the portage- ahhh!"

     Does that sound like fun to you? Minus the blood from the black flies it does sound like a great time to me! The physical exertion followed by a swim in the cold clean Boundary Waters is so invigorating. Propelling yourself across a wilderness lake in a canoe and living in the woods even when it’s 90 degrees is awesome fun. 

     And if 90 degrees is too hot for you then don’t worry the weather changes quickly in Minnesota.