The Scout Belt Pack by Sospenders is the most comfortable, lightweight PFD there is.  If you are an adult who can swim then this is the PFD for you.  It is a Type V User-Assisted Inflatable Belt Pack Style PFD that is U.S. Coast Guard approved only when worn.  It is so small that it would never get in your way so you would have no reason to not wear it.   I love to wear this while fishing in a boat or while paddling a canoe because I can’t even tell it is there.  It doesn’t rub my shoulders or make me too hot.  A life vest will save your life so you want one that you are willing to wear all of the time.  Sospenders has a complete line of self-inflating PFD’s that will automatically inflate upon contact with water.  These are perfect for people of any age or swimming ability.  To learn more about Sospenders be sure to check out their website.   We have both the Scout model by Sospender available at Voyageur that retails for $69.95 and the Sport Series Inflatable PFD for $89.95.