Someone Smells Good!

     I’ve spent the morning down by the docks at Voyageur listening to groups as they return and depart from their wilderness canoe trips.  Part of a group had gotten back an hour earlier than the rest of their group and had time to shower before the others arrived.  Upon landing their canoe a girl got a whiff of a freshly showered friend and exclaimed, "Someone smells good."  Too funny.

     Other things I heard…

  • That was awesome.
  • We sang alot!
  • I survived.
  • I want Culvers.
  • That was soo cool.
  • I caught a fish "this" big.
  • Wasn’t that cliff neat?
  • I can’t wait to shower.
  • I loved that one campsite.

     These are memories being made for a lifetime. Come to Voyageur and make some of your own.