So you want to go on a hike?

If you ask me if I want to go on a hike you’ll usually get “Yes!” for an answer. If you want to go on a short hike you probably shouldn’t ask me to go along because I always end up hiking longer or farther than my hiking partners think we’re going to. If you’re worried about not making it out of the woods by the time the sun sets then you should probably plan the route.

The other day I wanted to hike a section of the Border Route Trail I hadn’t hiked before. The maps I had included the Border Route Trail book, the Superior National Forest map, a Fisher Map and a National Geographic map. None of these included everything I needed to conclude the exact distance of the hike.

I didn’t let that or the long drive to the trail head dampen my enthusiasm to hike a new section of trail. The good news is we saw some beautiful scenery and made it out before dark. The bad news? How can there be any bad news if you get to spend 3 hours hiking in the woods?

OK, so maybe neither of us were planning to hike 9-miles with considerable elevation changes but it sure was fun.
Superior Hiking Trail


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