So Many Thanks, So Little Time

     May you find many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and always.  Happy Thanksgiving to you.


Give Thanks Every Day
The days overflow with so much to do, while the hours drag on there’s nothing ever new. 
Friends to chat with, emails to reply, why can’t someone call just to say, “Hi?” 
The sun shines so brightly it hurts my eyes, while the rain clouds persist in spite of her cries.  
Snow and cold temperatures bring me delight, while he in the trees it only brings fright.
Warmth of a fire, money to pay for heat, while the children wonder will we ever eat meat?
Work is plentiful enough for days, isn’t it possible to get a job that pays? 
Legs for running and eyes to see, while in a wheelchair he wonders what will become of me? 
Christmas is coming I want this and that, while the child just wishes she had a nice hat. 
A hug and a kiss before tucked into bed, where thoughts of the next beating swirl in his head. 
Lives are all different some measured in pain, where blessings for many fall down like rain. 
Alone or surrounded suffering behind a mask, when all that is needed is for you to ask. 
Be thankful for the joys in your life and for not having the things that bring strife.
Give thanks every day, share your wealth and be content with health.
 There are many who exist without any…