Snowshoe Day at Voyageur

It was a fabulous day for a snowshoe trek through the woods. The sun was out, the sky was blue and there was barely a breeze in the air. In spite of the single digit temperature we all worked up a sweat making our way through the deep snow.

Everything looked so beautiful covered in white snow. Clumps of snow clung to the trees and the sun made the snow on the lake sparkle. I took tons of photos of our group throughout the trek and was super excited to share them with everyone. Unfortunately something malfunctioned and to my horror there wasn’t a single photo captured of the day.

If we can’t share it on the internet did it really happen? Are memories enough? I guess they are going to have to be this time. And tomorrow?

Whether or not the sky is blue there’s going to be another snowshoe crew. And I will make sure my camera is working so I can share it all with you.

Luckily my sister snapped a shot of us before we left!


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