Snowbirds Back on the Gunflint Trail

     I shouldn’t call them snowbirds since they don’t go very far south.  They do go south of the Gunflint Trail though and now they are back and busy.  Not all business owners stay on the Gunflint Trail for the entire winter and we can tell when they have returned.

     The tell-tale sign the Seagull Outfitters owners are back on the Trail is when their rope blocking the driveway on Sag Lake Trail is down on the ground.  Someone has been down their driveway and the rope is now down so they must be back in the neighborhood.

     The Tuscarora folks are around and have been up on Sag Lake Trail too.  Their towboats are now in the water ready to take people out on Saganaga.  Usually it’s just their dock floating in the bay but the boats are now there next to it.

     First it’s the business owners, next it will be the home owners and then come the guests of Voyageur.  We can’t wait for all of our guests to flock north too!