Snow is Gone!

Yesterday’s high temperature of 78 degrees not only broke the record for the warmest day but also melted all of the snow in a snap. We woke up with 3 feet of snow still on the ground and by 5pm it was all gone. The ice on the river even started to open up to liquid blue water.

Yes it is an April Fool trick and no the snow is not gone.  I go back and forth between saying there was a snowstorm to saying the ice is off on my blog on April 1st.  I knew saying the ice went out would not be at all convincing considering the over 30″ of ice most lakes had last week.  The snowstorm wouldn’t be much of a trick either because it has been happening all winter long and spring too.

Hope you enjoy this day and don’t get tricked too many times and hopefully by May 1st most of the snow will indeed be gone.

No Snow on the Gunflint Trail
April First

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