Snow is Fun

     In spite of cold temperatures and severe wind chill snow is fun.  There are so many things you can only enjoy during winter. The activities are endless when the snow is abundant.

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     As a member of the Grand Marais Campus PTA I applied for a grant so the kids at school could see how much fun the snow is.  The Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation approved the grant that enabled the PTA to purchase over thirty pair of Tubbs Snowshoes.    I have been fortunate to be able to accompany these students on snowshoe outings in the school woods.  Many of these kids had never been on snowshoes before.  Almost all of them thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are excited to go again.  It’s great to see their enthusiasm for an outdoor, lifelong athletic activity such as snowshoeing. 

     There are many other winter activities that are just as much fun.  Cross-Country skiing, ice skating, downhill skiing, dog mushing and skijoring.  When Ambri and Jasper(our two big huskies) were alive we loved to go skijoring with them.  They would pull us at a break-neck pace through the woods or a steady pace on the lake. 

      In Ham Lake, MN on February 7th the sport of Skijoring will be celebrated. The Midwest Skijorers Association and the Ham Lake Snow Bowl will present the 2009 Dog Bowl.  Individuals will compete with their dogs in both 3k and 5k races during the event.  It looks like a great event that will showscase another fun winter sport.

     We can’t forget the Sled Dog Events coming to the Gunflint Trail soon.  The Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department will be helping the Beargrease racers safely cross the Gunflint Trail in just a couple of days.   Then on the 14th of March mushers will return to the Gunflint Trail to help raise money for breast cancer during the Mush for a Cure. If you’re interested in getting a front seat view of the Beargrease or teams participating in the Mush for a Cure then feel free to give us a call at Voyageur, we’d love to have you here.   

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  We also invite you to the Gunflint Trail during the Gunflint Trail Winter Tracks Festival.  From February 26-March 1st  you can experience all of these fun winter activities and more.  You can see Snow Kite Boarding, make snow sculptures, play broomball, go snowmobiling and ice fish when you come and play like we do on the Gunflint Trail.

     In spite of what some people say, winter doesn’t last long on the Gunflint Trail.  Before we know it the snow will be melting and we’ll only be able to dream about trees frosted white with snow.  Winter is fun when you play in the snow.