Snow Day in Grand Marais

It is official!  Today is Abby’s first snow day, that means no school.  It started snowing yesterday afternoon in Grand Marais and there were even some cancellations of events in town.  She was sent home with a note in her backpack that said "School will start two hours later on 12/15."  She was very excited and even more excited to find out later in the evening that school would be cancelled for the whole day.  At the end of the Trail we hadn’t received hardly any new snow, just a couple of inches, so we didn’t know what all of the fuss was about.  I tried to call a friend in town in the morning, but the phone lines didn’t work.  I then sent an e-mail out to our local e-mail list to inquire about just how much snow had fallen.  I received many responses and along the North Shore, in Grand Marais, and on parts of the Gunflint Trail anywhere from 12-20 inches of the white stuff had fallen.  I guess that was enough to make travel precarious for teachers and students and enough to motivate our family to go downhill skiing!