Snow Coming, Will it Stay?

     One of these days will be the last day we see bare ground until spring. The question is when will that be? The forecast for this weekend calls for snowflakes to fall. The extended forecast predicts daytime temperatures to hover around freezing and nighttime low temperatures to dip down into the teens.

     I think it’s time to get out the winter clothes, put some seed in the bird feeder and find my windshield scraper.  I’ve gotten by so far but one of these mornings I’m going to wish I had a jacket and a scraper. I’m probably going to want my winter boots too.

     I love my Mukluks. I’ve had them for 13 years and they are still in great shape except for their soles are sticky. I have heard you can take them in to get them re-soled but of course I have waited until now to even think about bringing them in. I think I better get them in sooner rather than later.

     There are still leaves to be raked and things to be picked up around Voyageur. Sometimes I wish it would just snow so I don’t have to keep feeling guilty when I look at all of the leaves or brush that could be cleared. That way I wouldn’t need an excuse to not rake, but then what will I have for an excuse to not shovel?