Smallmouth Bass

We were one of the fortunate families who were able to get out and enjoy the Boundary Waters over the 4th of July.  Josh’s favorite thing to do on a canoe camping trip, or when we’re at home, or come to think of it wherever we go anywhere is to fish.  We found a great campsite on Pine Lake where he could cast from shore and catch Smallmouth after Smallmouth after Smallmouth.  He just used a slip bobber set up with a night crawler and had a blast.  He must have caught well over forty fish with most of them small, but a few of them were big enough for a fish dinner.  When a fish comes straight out of a deep, cold lake like the ones you find in the Boundary Waters it doesn’t matter what species it is,  you eat it and it tastes wonderful.  Mike isn’t used to cleaning Smallmouth but he did an excellent job and an even better job at cooking them over the fire.  It is always a treat to eat fresh fish on a camping trip.  If you want to know one way to clean a Smallmouth then be sure to check out this website.

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