Small Fire in the Boundary Waters

A small fire was detected on Ogishkemuncie Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on July 30th.

Boundary Waters fire
Ogishkemuncie Lake Fire

At approximately 5:15 p.m. on July 31 the U.S. Forest Service sent the following update on the wildfire. 

On July 30, a lighting caused wildfire was detected on the south/southwest side of  Ogishkemuncie Lake. The fire is located between Ogishkemuncie and Mueller lakes on a portage trail. This is southwest of Seagull and Jasper Lakes in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) in Lake County. The fire is about one acre in size.

The fire is creeping and smoldering in a mix of conifer and hardwood trees.  A crew of four firefighters paddled into the area and are receiving equipment to help with suppression efforts and the potential of growth. An additional crew of six has been ordered from Ely and will arrive via Beaver Float plane to assist with suppression activities.

There is an approaching weather system with expected showers and thunderstorms this evening and overnight. The increase in moisture will assist with suppression efforts. Fire growth would be slowed if it reaches the area that was burned during the 2006 Cavity lake fire which is 1.5 miles to the east of the Ogish fire.

This area is a travel route in the BWCAW, please be mindful of fire crews. You may also encounter aircraft in the area. Firefighter and public safety are the most important priorities in all wildfire response. Due to the remote setting of this fire, the suppression efforts will be undertaken deliberately with life safety in mind.

One helicopter and one beaver plane are available to assist.

A fire burning near Ogishkemuncie Lake. Photo courtesy of US Forest Service

There are no closures at this time.

The fire is located approximately 4.5 miles southwest of Sea Gull Lake in the BWCAW.

Size Up
Currently, the fire is 2 acres in size and is smoldering – no active flame, but it is hot (images are from this morning).  The decision that was made was to get out ahead of it to not allow it to stand up and go.

Resources and Plan
There is a 4 person fire crew currently on the scene awaiting a sling load of equipment to put water on it.  It has moderate growth potential, so we want to get out ahead of it particularly due to the approaching cold front where winds could increase and become sporadic.  An additional crew of six (6) has been ordered from Ely and will arrive via Beaver in the next hour or so to assist with light suppression activities.

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