Sled Dogs That Had Never Seen Snow

     It sounds impossible but at this year’s Mush for a Cure we had a team of sled dogs that had never seen snow. The owner, Walter Hermann III and team are from Covington, Louisiana.  His dogs had never seen snow until this year’s Mush for a Cure.

     Walter Hermann III participated in the short course sled dog route of Mush for a Cure. It’s for teams with 1-4 dogs who want to dogsled or skijor.  Walter’s team like many other teams at this year’s event were Samoyeds. These pretty, white, fluffy dogs always appear to be smiling and couldn’t be friendlier. 

     The sled used by Walter at Mush for a Cure was a custom sled built by none other than Walter himself.  It may not have been the fastest sled but luckily Mush for a Cure isn’t about the fastest sled or team.  

     We’re glad to be the folks who introduced Walter’s dogs to snow and we hope he’ll return again.

Walter Hermann IIIWalter Herman III  mush for a cure