Sled Dog Fun

     We’re excited to have so much snow on the ground for the two dog sledding events on the Gunflint Trail this winter.  There have been races cancelled in the past due to lack of sufficient snow cover.  We’re covered this year and ready for the dogs to come.  Unlike in Frazee, Minnesota where Sled Dog Race organizers had to cancel this year’s race due to too much snow.

BEMIDJI, Minn. — It’s been canceled twice before due to a lack of snow. But this year, the annual dogsled race near Frazee is being canceled for the opposite reason — too much snow.

Eddy Streeper, organizer of the Third Crossing Sled Dog Rendezvous, said there is so much snow that officials can’t groom the tracks, and that poses a danger to the dogs.

The Frazee area has received about 3 feet of snow, but winds keep creating drifts of 4 feet or more over the course. The National Weather Service doesn’t tally exact snow accumulations for Frazee.

The race was scheduled for Jan. 23-24. It’s cancellation is a blow to Frazee. The city of about 1,300 saw between 2,000 to 3,000 spectators during last year’s two-day event.


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     The John Beargrease Marathon starts in Duluth, Minnesota on January 25th.  We expect teams to get to the Gunflint Trail sometime on Monday afternoon or early evening.  It’s a thrill to see a team of dogs pulling a sled.  The dogs are so quiet and content when compared to how they act while getting hitched up and ready to run.  Their barks of excitement drown out any other sounds and they bound into the air in their attempt to get going.  Once they are off and running they quiet down, settle into a rhythm and easily pull the sled behind them.  We invite you to come and be a part of the excitement.  You’ll be able to see teams on Poplar Lake and Gunflint Lake as well as a few spots along the way.

     If you really want to get an up close sled dog experience then join us for the Mush for a Cure on March 14th.  This Sled Dog event is a FUNdraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  It is spectator friendly and a thrill to watch the teams during their Sourdough Start. 

     With dogs tied to their trucks the mushers get into a sleeping bag on the ice without their boots on.  At the sound of a gunshot mushers jump out of their bags, pull on their boots and rush to harness up their dogs.  Teams take off down Gunflint Lake and make their way to Poplar Lake on a route approximately 20-25 miles.  Nothing like the 380 miles of the John Beargrease but a beautiful fun run through the Superior National Forest.  As mushers pull into Trail Center spectators have another great opportunity to mingle with the teams and their dogs. 

     The party continues into the evening with awards for the most outrageous pink costume and live music.  The best part about the Mush for a Cure is raising money for a good cause.  Mushers and their friends raised $13,000 last year and we’re hoping to raise even more this year.  If you are interested in making a pledge, volunteering or just coming up for all of the excitement then be sure to visit the website or give us a call at Voyageur. 

     We’re thrilled to have plenty of snow for these races and can’t wait until the dog teams make their way to the Gunflint Trail.  We hope you will make plans to join us and experience the exhilaration of dog sledding.