Skiing the Upper Gunflint Trails

I love to cross-country ski.  It shouldn’t surprise me how much I love to get out and ski since I enjoy spending time in the woods so much.  Cross-country skiing is such a great way to enjoy winter and take in the quiet of the northwoods.  There isn’t anything quite as exhilarating as cruising down one of the big hills on the West End Trail or Wipe Out Hill at the end of the Highlands Trail.  The Upper Gunflint Trail system has some very hilly and fun terrain.  There are also a couple of flat trails if you are into getting a good workout you can try Warren’s Road or Amperage Run.  Many of the trails offer great views of Gunflint Lake and South Rim is one of my favorites.  The tree covered Ham Lake Trail is another one of my favorites, but then again there is something I like about all of the trails.   If you want to experience some great cross-country skiing then be sure to come on up to the Gunflint Trail, we’d love to see you here.