Silence in the Boundary Waters

I read an article the other day called, “Silence is Golden. It can also drive you crazy.”  The article talked about how difficult it is to find true silence even when nature and animal sounds are included.  There are very few places one can go to escape all person made noises and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is one of them.

It isn’t always silent in the BWCA but it is much of the time. Depending upon where you are canoe camping in the Boundary Waters you can occasionally hear the sound of an airplane far overhead, a motorboat in the distance or possibly a vehicle nearby.  Sound carries a long ways in the wilderness especially when the wind isn’t blowing.

There are people in the Boundary Waters canoe country and of course they make their share of noise. But even when it’s quiet nature creates it’s own noise. Birds singing, insects buzzing, leaves rustling, waves lapping or frogs croaking are just a few of the sounds you can hear. When it’s truly silent like on a cold winter day in the BWCA you can still hear your breathing, feet crunching through the snow and possibly your teeth chattering.

Is there real silence and if there was then would it drive you crazy? I don’t think I would have a problem with it but I know there are people who would. You might remember the story I’ve written in a different blog about the man who couldn’t stand the noise of a frog one night. Or about our new crew who sometimes can’t sleep because it’s too quiet.  That’s not me.

To me silence is golden and I’ll take nature noise over city noise any day of the week.