Sharing Your Experience with Voyageur

     I love to hear about other people’s experiences in the Boundary Waters or in other wilderness areas.  My love of the woods and waters makes any fishing, hiking or wildlife story interesting to me.  While it isn’t easy to share stories on this blog it is very easy to do so on facebook and our other blog. 

     In case you didn’t know it we have quite the presence on Facebook.  We have our group page, our Fan Page, and my personal page where I post different items on a daily basis.  It’s great when people who follow me on Facebook or Twitter comment on my posts, like my posts or retweet my posts.  It lets me know people are actually interested in what I’m writing.

     I’ve been attempting to increase interaction and I’d love your help.  First of all, if you’re not in the Voyageur Group, a Fan of Voyageur or following me on Twitter then please do so immediately.  Then check out what I’m saying on those pages and press the "like’, "share" or "retweet" button.  You can also share these web posts with people and "like" them right on this page. It only takes a second and you’d make me very happy!

     One of the past questions on my social media pages was asking if anyone had a good fish picture.  Lo and behold Scott Maxwell shared not one but two photos of his son, Voyageur Crew Member, Adam Maxwell.


Fishing in the BWCA Fishing in the Boundary Waters

     How fun is that? To see pictures from other people instead of just from me?  Another question I asked was, "What does your water bottle look like?"  Dave Battistel shared a photo of his with me.

BWCA Water Bottle

     There are lots of things I want to know about other people.  What birds on our website checklist have you seen?  One woman can identify 52 of them by sight.  What is our tackle box checklist missing? It turns out we don’t have a stringer on it.  What wildlife encounters have you had in the BWCA? It’s fun to hear about flying squirrels and moose and I think you would enjoy it too. 

     I hope you’ll find us on Facebook and Twitter and interact with us there.  We’re happy you are reading the blog but we’d be even happier if you shared your experiences with Voyageur!