Shadowstone Rocks

     This isn’t your normal everyday entry into the Boundary Waters Blog.  This is a special one for a very special person who turned a very special age this week. My special friend Kathryn turned 30 this week and the day went by without any fanfare.  I’m not sure if she spent the day in mourning or not.  She wasn’t very excited about getting older.  However, this Saturday night she and a couple hundred of her best friends will be celebrating her birthday in style.

     If you are anywhere near, or far from Grand Marais this weekend then come to the Howling Wolf and help Kathryn celebrate.  Her favorite band, "Shadowstone"  will be coming all the way up the shore just to play for her birthday.  According to Kathryn they really do rock.  She travels hours to see them play; from the Press in St. Cloud to a ho punk bar in Rochester.  They receive rave reviews from the online web world so it probably isn’t just a third-life crisis she is going through by becoming a band groupie at 30.  

     This evening will be talked about for years to come.  Grand Marais has not seen the likes of a band like this, probably ever.  The Wolf will be rocking and people will be talking.  It’s bigger than the 4th of July, more anticipated than Fisherman’s Picnic, it’s KATHRYN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!  So, put on your party hat, get out your dancing shoes and help celebrate this Saturday night at the Howling Wolf.