Seagull Nature Trail

     I’m so excited to go and hike the Seagull Lake Nature Trail.  It’s a great trail you can access from the Trail’s End Campground Seagull Lake boat landing.  It’s a relatively short hike out to the narrows that flows into Seagull Lake.  

     I’m starting to lose track of the number of times the trail has been cleared for use.  In 1999 the blowdown storm mangled some of the trees and made the trail almost impossible to hike.  Some of you may remember the story about me hiking it and needing a canoe ride back to the landing because it was so awful.  I was asked to show some crews where the trail was so they could clear it back in 2005 I think, maybe 2006.  It was cleared and in perfect condition for a little while.

     Then the Ham Lake Fire came in May of 2007 and messed the trail up again.  I was disappointed when I found it very difficult to hike once again.  Then this spring I was asked to go and flag the trail again so if crews had time to clear it this summer then they would know where to clear.  Well, it’s been cleared once again and this time I hope it’s for good.   

     Happy Trails!