Sea Island Lodge on the Gunflint Trail

I could dig out the Gunflint Trail Cookbook to check out details about Sea Island Lodge at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  I’ll apologize right away because that would require work and at this point I don’t feel like doing it.  I will tell you it was a great place to eat dinner and was super convenient because it was so close to us at Voyageur.

We loved to eat there and so did our guests.  Some people ate there before heading out into the BWCA while others preferred to eat there after their Boundary Waters trip.  There were even some who ate there both before and after their canoe camping trip.  It didn’t matter when you ate there because it was always delicious.

The last owners of Sea Island Lodge were Mike and Kathy Lande and they did a fantastic job serving their guests.  The atmosphere was wonderful as you dined in a log lodge complete with a fireplace. Sometimes Mark Darling would play the piano which made for an even greater experience.

I can’t tell you what year it was they closed their doors but I know it was after 1993 and I haven’t had an onion pie since.  We’ve been on the Gunflint Trail since 1993 so that’s why I know it was after that as we were able to enjoy a few years dining there before they decided to retire from the restaurant business.

I was going through some papers with a friend at a nearby cabin and came across a menu of theirs from 1982. I know the prices were more expensive when we dined there but the menu was pretty similar.  I still crave their sweet rolls they served with every meal and I could really go for an onion pie.

Here’s their menu from 1982

  • Top Sirlioin                  9.25
  • T-Bone                          14.75
  • Alaskan Crab               13.95
  • Walleye                          7.95
  • Lake Superior Trout    8.95
  • Deep-fried scallops     8.95
  • Pork Chops                    6.95 Entree Includes: soup or juice, choice of potatoes, choice of salad dressings, dessert.
  • Our Specialty  ONION PIE  serves 4      3.25
  • hamburger & fries    3.50
  • steak sandwich, fries, salad  5.50
  • Beverages: Coffee .30    Tea .30   Milk .40   Beer   .75 & .90    Pop .50