Runaround Sue

     It’s been another one of those mornings where I can’t seem to get focused.  I’ll blame it on the cycle of the moon since I can’t come up with any other reason for my lack of focus.  It started just after 6am this morning when I grabbed only 1 bowl for the 2 kids, went back to grab another one and then grabbed only 1 spoon along with it.  After pouring the cereal I started to put the milk into the cupboard instead of the refrigerator and luckily I caught myself.

     After dropping the kids off at the bus and taking a quick run I returned to get right to work on my long list of things to do today.  However my work surface was cluttered and sometimes I just can’t work unless everything is perfect.  I had a receipt that needed to be put into the receipt file which led me to some of Josh’s school papers that needed to be put in a file folder which required a side trip to get the folder.  Of course I was distracted by a plastic bottle on an end table which led me to the kitchen and a too full recycling container that needed to be emptied.  On my work surface was a hair tie of Abby’s that had to be put into her bathroom which led me to another mess and so on and so forth until finally 2 hours later I am ready to sit down and work.

     I’m hoping I’ll stay focused enough to get something on my list done today, but we shall see.