The last leg of our road trip Mike and I completed without the children.  We didn’t want them to miss too much school so we made arrangements for them.  They flew home from San Diego with Mike’s parents and then were driven up north by their other set of grandparents to be taken care of throughout last weekend.  On Sunday Chelsea took over parenting duties and then drove them to Duluth yesterday to be handed off to cousin Sheri who took them with her to St. Cloud.  This is where we were reunited with them late yesterday afternoon. 

     I wish I could say the kids were happier than the dog to see me but their enthusiasm didn’t come close to what Rugby displayed.  While Abby remained seated in her chair with 6-month old Evelyn on her lap Josh hopped up to give me a hug.  Rugby on the other hand began yelling excitedly while jumping up and down attempting to break free from Sheri’s grip.  Baby Evelyn had no clue what to think of this dog that seconds ago was behaving normally.  The loud shrieks of joy from Rugby startled her and had I not moved forward to get Rugby I’m sure we would have heard screams of terror from Evelyn.

     Fortunately once I held Rugby he no longer yelped since that would have interfered with his ability to give me proper kisses all over my face and neck.  Needless to say the dog was happy to see me after being separated for over a month. 

     That display of love, affection and excitement is what I wish all of you to feel this Christmas Eve Day.  You don’t necessarily need to be licked in order for it to feel good but if happiness had a new definition each day then Rugby would have been yesterday’s entry.  See if you can make someone feel the magic this holiday season. No tongues necessary! 

Merry Christmas Eve!