Recharging My Battery in the BWCA

I’m not talking about recharging a battery with a solar charger or power booster I’m talking about recharging my internal battery. Sometimes life can get to be a bit overwhelming and the best way to remedy that is to take a trip into the Boundary Waters. Nothing replenishes my soul like a canoe camping trip in the BWCA.

In the Boundary Waters I can truly get away from everything. There are no phones ringing, emails to check or other demands needing my attention when I’m in the BWCA. I can empty my mind, let go of stress and forget about deadlines when I’m relaxing on a wilderness campsite or paddling in my canoe.

Does your battery need to be recharged? If so then I highly recommend taking a Boundary Waters canoe trip sooner rather than later.

Sunset in the BWCA

Boundary Waters sunset

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