Real, Fake or Other?

When I was a little kid I remember going to get a live Christmas tree from the parking lot of the Dairy Queen in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Sometime during my childhood we switched to an artificial Christmas tree. When I got married we started harvesting our own Christmas trees and we’ve been doing that ever since. Ever since until this year I should say.

Since we’ve been spending so much time in Grand Marais this winter we didn’t have time to go out and cut down a tree from our property. We were in a hurry to have a tree up before a gathering we were having at our place so we did what I did as a kid.  We loaded the family into the vehicle and drove to the nearest parking lot that had Christmas trees for sale.

We found ourselves in the Holiday parking lot searching for the perfect tree. When we all agreed we couldn’t agree on a tree we picked a short, fat one Josh liked. It turns out it fit perfectly in our corner by the window. All was calm, all was bright.

There’s been a debate about what is better for the environment a real or fake Christmas tree.  It seems like there’s a third option I had never thought of. Here are some neat options that aren’t fake or real.

Christmas Tree
fake or real


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