Rainy Day in the BWCA

A Boundary Waters canoe trip is a wonderful adventure. Every adventure needs to have a variety of highs and lows or extremes to make it even more memorable. A rainy day or two in the BWCA is a prerequisite for embellishment.

This weekend it rained and then rained some more. On Sunday I don’t think it quit raining and in a 24 hour period we received 1.63″ of rain. The high temperature was only 53 degrees so it wasn’t a very pleasant day. It wasn’t stormy with lightning and thunder but it just wouldn’t quit raining.

When you’re camping in the Boundary Waters and you have a rainy day it’s nice if you don’t have to travel. You can spend the day sleeping, reading, playing cards or just relaxing in your tent. I actually love to have a rainy day when I’m in camp in the BWCA because it forces me to relax.

Traveling in the BWCA when it’s raining can be OK too but you have to be extra careful on portages. If it’s raining heavily then you should tarp your equipment and have a bailer handy because you might need to scoop some water out of your canoe. The rainy days of paddling make you appreciate the sunny days even more.

May you feel the wind from all directions as you paddle your canoe.      May you watch raindrops dance upon the lake and see the sunshine sparkling too.                                                                                                        May clouds create awe inspiring sunrises for you across the bay and may the comfort of nature always bless you in the BWCA.


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