Rainfall and Cool Temperatures

     We’ve been receiving some rain over the past couple of days. That combined with the cool weather has kept fire activity very low. This weekend forecast calls for more cold temperatures and precipitation so no new fires should pop up and the Knife Lake one should not grow.

     Cold temperatures and rain in the forecast isn’t what most BWCA enthusiasts want when they are heading into the canoe country. However if the goal of your trip is to see very few people then a rainy, September weekend is perfect for you.

     Last weekend’s canoe trip into the Boundary Waters was glorious but we saw people every day. We saw a group of 2 on the first day, a group of 4 & a group of 3 on the second day but we saw alot of people on Caribou on our way out.  If I had to count them I would say we saw 5 different groups, 2 of which were at the portage at the same time as us. It was a group of 3 and a solo paddler but I prefer not to share a portage with another group.

     I’m guessing there will be fewer folks in the woods this weekend and I’m hoping to be one of them.