Quiet in the Quetico Park

Mike and a small group from our church went into the Quetico Park for their annual canoe trip this year.  While on their five night trip they saw very few people. They felt like they had the entire place to themselves.

It’s quiet in the Quetico Park. That’s the general consensus of our groups that have paddled and camped there this year. There are very few campers who are taking advantage of the vast wilderness that lies to the north of our border.

Is the Quetico Park better than the Boundary Waters? Not necessarily but there are definitely fewer people visiting the Quetico than the Boundary Waters. Why? It could be because it costs a little more due to the overnight camping fees. It might be the hassle of needing a passport and a Remote Area Border Crossing permit but in reality these are quite easy to obtain and well worth the effort if it’s solitude you are looking for.

The fishing in the Quetico Park is pretty awesome too. Our groups that have been there this year have come back with story after story of all of the fish they caught, and big ones too.

The portages might be a little more difficult and the campsites a bit more rustic but for those who paddle and camp in the Quetico Park, they say the extra effort is worth it.


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