Quick Trip into the BWCA

     "Returning from the Boundary Waters to civilization is never fun."  "Back from the BW feeling alive and ready."  These are some of the things you see on Twitter about  the Boundary Waters. It seems like it doesn’t matter how long or how short your trip to the BWCA is;  it’s never long enough but never too short to get that restorative feeling from being there.

     A weekend trip may not seem like a long enough time to spend in the canoe country wilderness.  But from experience I know that just a night away from the real world can do wonders for me.  I should almost require it of myself on a weekly basis in the summer.  It’s too easy to get distracted and stressed when you’re continually confronted with emails, phone calls and other everyday stressors.

     If you’re wanting to get away then don’t worry if you only have a couple of nights.  Your trip may be short and sweet but it would be very sweet indeed.

Boundary Waters Scene