President’s Weekend

This morning was suppose to be really cold outside so I was disappointed when I looked at the thermometer and it only said 14 below.  Yesterday morning it was 22 below zero and tomorrow they are predicting a low of 26 below.  Add a 30 below wind chill and now we’re talking Gunflint Trail Winter!  I’m excited to get out and go cross country skiing today to see if I can actually get some frost on my eyebrows and eyelashes for once this year, I’ll keep you posted.  Of course all of this cold weather coincides with one of the most popular winter weekends on the Trail, President’s Weekend.  My sister and her family will come up as will Mike’s mom, dad, brother, and cousin.  We should have fun bundling up before heading out to go snowmobiling, ice fishing, and skiing, while trying not to get frost bite.  Have a fun and safe holiday weekend everyone, and keep warm.