Pink Prom Pasta Party Woot Woot!!

     The night we’ve all been waiting for is almost here and tonight’s going to be a good night! If you don’t have a pink prom dress to wear then check out Threads Store in Grand Marais as she has some to choose from.  Or give me a call, I have four of them hanging in my laundry room I’m not using.  Or, just come in your best pink duds and be part of the fun.

     Don’t forget to head on up to Trail Center to get your hair cut for a cure and be a part of The Bald, The Brave and the Beautiful.  There’s a huge competition happening between Officer Lunde and Sheriff Falk and between Chief Mike Prom and Assistant GTVFD Fire Chief Bob Baker.  Money has been coming in for the past two weeks and the amounts are pretty even so far.  It’s going to be a close race to see who will go home bald after tonight’s contest.  Remember to bring some extra cash along tonight to help Mike keep his hair or you can donate online just check out and mention Save Mike in the notes of your Paypal donation. 

     The Trail’s End Band has some special music to play for the Grand March and the Crowning of the King and Queen.  Be sure to wear your dancing shoes and don’t eat too much pasta.

     Saturday’s Mush for a Cure will be a bit different than in year’s past.  After surveying the trail and lakes last night Mary just didn’t think it was a good idea to risk the safety of the dogs by allowing them to run in those conditions.  So, the mushers are still coming, there will be a Sourdough Start at Gunflint Pines but there just won’t be sled dogs involved.  It will be a sight to see and all events at Gunflint Pines and Trail Center will continue as scheduled. 

     Come participate in all of the fun events and games we have planned for people of all ages on Saturday.  Most of the activities will be held on dry land but bring your lawn chairs, beach floaties, waders and rubber boots in case you want to venture out onto the lake.  Bring your camera too and be ready to have a great time during the 4th Annual Mush for a Cure on the Gunflint Trail.