Permit Time Really?

         The last thing most of you are thinking about as Thanksgiving quickly approaches is planning your next Boundary Waters canoe trip. But just as Thanksgiving is right around the corner so is the opening of the 2011 permit reservation season.

     Thanksgiving may be the perfect time to think about the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  Maybe you can even plan next year’s trip around the dinner table or during half-time of a football game. Or you could bring along your photos, share your stories and find someone new to bring with you the next time you come.
Better yet, why not come stay at Voyageur for Thanksgiving? The lodge unit is open and ready for you this weekend and most of the weekends during winter. 
    Just in case you have your dates and entry point determined for your 2011 wilderness camping adventure you can reserve your BWCA entry permit beginning on December 1st. Or give us a call at Voyageur and we’ll take care of it for you. 1-888-CANOEIT
Important Dates-    
December 1, 2010-January 15, 2011- Internet lottery applications are accepted until midnight CST January 15. Paper applications are no longer accepted.
January 16- Lottery Run
January 18- Results for web applications will be available in individual’s accounts.
January 20- Reservations can be made on-line.
February 1- Phone Reservations begin.
Permits Reserved in Past Years
2008 34,681
2009 34,000
2010 32,671