Outside on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I hope you made the most of it by getting outside to enjoy nature. I wasn’t able to enjoy the Boundary Waters or the Gunflint Trail but I did get out for a hike up a fire tower, a bike ride and a nice walk along a lake. The sun was shining and the temperature reached 60 degrees so it was a wonderful day to be outside.

Spring has been slow to come this year and we’re still experiencing some nightly lows in the 20’s.  Hopefully after this weekend we’ll see the last of the cold temperatures and see the mercury rise along with the water levels. Water level is a topic of conversation around Voyageur lately.

Last fall the water was almost as low as we’ve seen it on the Seagull River. We usually don’t worry about it because with snow and spring rain the water always rises. It will be interesting to see how high it gets this spring. It usually doesn’t peak until mid-May or Memorial Weekend depending upon when the ice goes off of the lakes and all of the snow melts.

It’s fun to keep an eye on the ramps out to our floating docks on the Seagull River.  When the water is high it’s an uphill climb to the dock but when the water is low it’s a downhill trek.  During low water times we have to adjust the anchors on the docks so they continue to float or else they will settle onto the ground and when that happens it isn’t an easy feat to move them. These photos are from several years ago during a very high water year. I can only think of one other year it was higher than this and our boathouse and part of our driveway was under water.

Whatever the water level we hope to see you at Voyageur this summer!


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