Outdoor Learning

  I am lucky to live where I do and that my children get to spend so much time in the outdoors.  I know there are benefits of spending time outside but most children don’t get those benefits because they are indoors all of the time. Project Learning Tree is sponsoring two educational workshops for people involved with teaching young children. Check out the following information about learning outdoors. 

* Learning in outdoor settings raises test scores, especially in early grades.


* Learning in outdoor settings reduces stress and symptoms of attention-deficit disorder (7 million of American kids may suffer from ADD/ADHD)


* Learning in outdoor settings improves attitudes and cooperation, raises confidence and self-assurance, sharpens observation skills, enhances creativity, imagination, self-motivation, and desire to learn more.




* American children ages 3-12 spend 1% of their time outdoors versus 27% with television or other electronic media (yikes!)


* American children get an average of 30 minutes unstructured, outdoor time each week. (How much did YOU get as a  kid?)


This curriculum was developed by and for early childhood educators in Minnesota. Extensively field-tested and reviewed by educators nationwide, the guide is a supplement to the PLT Pre K-8 Activity Guide. For information about the activity guides, please see www.mndnr.gov/plt