Outdoor Chores Anyone?

This would have been a perfect fall to build a cabin or take on some other large outdoor task. The weather has been super cooperative with warm daily temperatures and an almost constant autumn sun. It’s difficult to be inside when it looks like a summer day outside. Thoughts of paddling, hiking or just hanging in a hammock tend to distract the mind. The lack of bugs and people make the end of the Gunflint Trail a very appealing place to be.

It isn’t always this beautiful during the last week of October or sometimes even the first week of October. The year we built our lodge I remember having to shovel before we could put a chalk line down and then shovel again ten minutes later to do the next one. We’ve had years where the temperature dropped so quickly and dramatically our boats froze into the river overnight. Thinking it would warm up again or get windy enough to loosen up the ice we didn’t get to them right away but ended up chiseling away ice for a few hours at least.

It’s funny how in the fall I really feel like I need to be outside if the sun is shining. I do feel like that in the spring and the summer too but there’s a sense of fear in the fall. I’m always afraid I could have spent the last nice day indoors and not enjoying the great outdoors.

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