Our Snow Woman

     The kids and I decided to make a little snow woman yesterday.  You might say we got a little carried away…



     Actually, we can’t take the credit for building this snow woman.  The people of Bethel, Maine decided to try to break the World’s Record for the tallest Snow Woman since they already hold the record for the tallest Snowman.  Her name is Olympia, named after the Senior Senator of Maine.  She stands 122 feet tall and has skis for her eyelashes and 27 foot long evergreens as arms.  She’s only 30 feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty and has a nose 8 feet long.  Her mouth is made of tires that were painted red for her attractive smile.

<%image(20081227-snowwoman2.jpg|300|225|World Record on the Gunflint Trail)%>


     I wish we had a crane so we could get started on our very own Snow Person or Snow Animal.  To find out more about Olympia you can visit the website and there’s even a live webcam. 

<%image(20081227-snowwoman3.jpg|250|321|Gunflint Trail's Next Project)%>