Oh Where Oh Where…

     First there was Buster then there was Lucy, two little dogs gone from the end of the Gunflint Trail.  Thankfully there was a happy ending for Buster and for Lucy, a 10 year old English Setter.

     Lucy was staying with her family on Saganaga Lake for a vacation.  On August 29th her owners brought her down to the public landing on Sag Lake Trail.  With her nose to the ground she ran away heading north on Sag Lake Trail.  The owner stopped by to let us know his dog was missing and where to find him if we found her.  I felt quite confident we would since we had such great luck with Buster.

     That night Abby, Josh and I walked up to the end of Sag Lake Trail in search of Lucy.  We whistled, we yelled her name and told Rugby to find her, unfortunately we didn’t have any luck.  The next day there was still no sign of Lucy.  Days went by and there wasn’t any talk about Lucy so I was hoping someone had found her, returned her and just didn’t tell us, luckily that was the case.

     It turns out Mike knew a piece of the story that I didn’t.  The next morning the owner stopped in and said someone at the landing who worked at Gunflint had heard about a dog roaming around there.  The owner was quite skeptical but decided to drive the 13 miles down the Gunflint Trail to Gunflint to check it out.  Mike asked him to please let us know if he found Lucy, but we never heard from him again. 

     A couple of days ago Mike was talking with Dick Powell from up on Saganaga Lake and the topic of Lucy was brought up.  Another happy ending for a runaway dog on the Trail; it turned out it was indeed Lucy down at Gunflint, some thirteen miles away.  I’m not sure what compelled her to do a half-marathon that evening or morning, but luckily someone was there to greet her at the finish line.