Obviously I Know Nothing

    "Seriously Abby, An aluminum can in the garbage?  Do you know how long it takes for that to break down?"  And my sweetheart of a daughter with a twinge of her mother’s sarcasm in her voice sweetly replies, "No, do you?"

     "4362 days,"  I replied quickly but then added, "No not really, but there’s this cool graphy thingy I found online and it says how long it takes for all of these different materials to breakdown…. 


     But before I could finish she was off to bigger and better things as I fished the aluminum can out of the garbage can that was sitting so close to the recycling bin it was practically touching it.


     So, here’s that cool graphic thingy I thought my daughter would find interesting but obviously as a mom of a now 11 year old I have no clue about anything whatsoever.  


     Maybe you’ll enjoy it and maybe you won’t.  I’m off to bigger and better things myself. 


Courtesy of MindBodyGreen


It is a cool thing, isn't it Abby?