Now You See Moose Now You Don’t?

Somehow I missed something earlier this month regarding our moose population. It turns out a petition sent to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last year has them investigating whether or not our moose should be placed on the Endangered Species List.

The rapid population decline has everyone worried about the moose population. Studies have determined a number of contributing causes for the decline including winter ticks, brain worm and wolves. Placing the moose on the list would mean more money for research and no more hunting of moose. Apparently the Minnesota DNR hasn’t given their approval or disapproval of the potential listing of the moose.

According to one article I read a decision won’t be made quickly.  “That decision is potentially years away.  The Fish and Wildlife Service has a backlog of about 500 other species in the same position as Minnesota’s moose–species awaiting a full status review by the agency to determine whether endangered species act protection is warranted.”

My guess is by that time the moose will have either recovered on their own or will be on the verge of disappearing on the Gunflint Trail.  What’s that saying? “A little too little a little too late.” Let’s hope our moose make a full and quick recovery on the Gunflint Trail.


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