Now What?

After the Mush for a Cure is over I let out a huge sigh of relief. There’s still stuff to put away, bills to be paid, thank you’s to be said but for the most part I’m finished and I can check it off of my list.  From now until May my attention usually shifts to the Ham Run Half Marathon the first weekend in May. It still is somewhat but since the YMCA has come to town I have offered to let them “run” it as a fundraiser.  That means I can be less involved in that and more involved with Voyageur.

People always wonder what we do in the winter as a canoe outfitter. The lists are just as endless during the off-season as they are during the season and there are fewer people to complete the tasks.  There are food and equipment orders to be placed for outfitting, clothing and souvenir orders for the store, website updates, hiring, equipment repair and lots more. And don’t forget there’s the phone to be answered and emails to respond to as well as permits that need to be reserved.

What else?  It’s a new sports season for the kids who play ball; Josh baseball and Abby softball.  Abby will also play some J.O. volleyball and Josh some triple A hockey so things won’t slow down with them either.

There’s more, but I’ll wait for another day to tell you about it.

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