Now I Know Why German Women Were Grumpy

     I am being politically incorrect with the title of this blog. If it truly offends you then I am sorry. I am also about 100% German and don’t know much about German people or their food for that matter. That is why I found myself making Hot German Potato Salad until 9pm last night.

     The church we attend is holding a German Feast this evening and I volunteered to make a batch of potato salad without ever having made it before. I don’t really like to cook so I’m not sure why I even volunteered to do it. With recipe in hand I boiled potatoes, cooked bacon, sauteed onions & celery, peeled potatoes, stirred sauce and made a big mess in the kitchen for a couple of hours.

     Needless to say I was grumpy when I was finished. I was tired to begin with and exhausted when I was done. I hope it turned out good enough or I’ll really be a grumpy German Woman.